Our story begins with Brian Nguyen. In 2017, Brian’s world travels brought him to Toronto, Canada. There, tucking into his first Poutine, Brian was ignited by this dish that warmed the heart, comforted the soul and tickled the fancy.

Images arose in his mind’s eye of his two-year-old son, lovingly nicknamed ‘Tubs’ for his cherubic appearance and zest for culinary delights. When Brian returned home to Texas, he found himself craving Poutine. But when he took to the Internet to locate eateries serving Poutine, he found instead an outcry of longing from diners who were searching, unsuccessfully, for an honest-to-goodness Poutine house in Houston. The idea took root in Brian of fulfilling this unmet need by launching… Tubs Poutine.

Brian pitched the idea to his sister, Caroline. More than two decades ago, the two siblings had established their foodie ‘wings’ together as college students in Los Angeles, where Caroline would whisk Brian to her favorite restaurants. Caroline immediately saw stars and pledged her allegiance to Tubs Poutine. Caroline brings more than a decade of experience in the hospitality and food industry in both the front and back of house, having worked as a server, head bartender, barista, manager and event promoter.

All that was needed was a Chef, and Tubs Poutine landed one of the best in Lyle Mathes. Lyle brings over 2 decades of experience in the hospitality and food industry as an Executive Chef and Kitchen/Restaurant Manager in high-volume operations. Lyle has cooked for the Jimmy Kimmel show, the Houston Rockets, the New England Patriots, American Idol and the Los Angeles Lakers. Lyle was also Head Chef at a top restaurant in Universal Studios, the Daily Grill, which served 20,000 guests a week during the summer.

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